Stretchmark remover bundle

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Whether on the stomach, breasts, upper arms, thighs or butt, stretchmarks are just not that pretty!

Our bodies are beautiful just as they are and stretch marks tell a story. They tell a story of what we have endured as women. Pregnancy, weight loss, weight gain, all these processes have a story behind them.

With this bundle, minimize and reduce the appearance of stretchmarks’ and possibly get rid of the ones just showing up

Reduces stretch marks ✔️

Even up the skin-tone✔️

Reduces the appearance of aging skin✔️

Replenishes the skin natural oils✔️

moisturizers, softens and hydrates the skin✔️

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The common answer is simply due to the rapid stretching of the skin. 

In deeper length, stretchmarks are scars that are left behind due to the tearing of collagen and elastin because of rapid stretching.  With this in mind it is easier to understand when the stetchmarks appear:

  • During pregnancy and post-paturm
  • After rapid weight-gain or weight loss
  • As a result of muscle building
  • Using corticosteroid creams, lotions or pills decrease the skin’s ability to stretch

Stretchmarks appear and stay on the skin manifesting in stages.

Stage 1: Streaks on the normal skin color

These are newly formed stretchmarks and are the easiest to get rid of. If treated constantly, these can disappear completely 

Stage 2: Paler or darker than the usual skin color

These are more advanced and are usually one month to less than an yr old. They can be minimized and will diminish with time

Stage 3: White in color

These are the oldest of stretchmarks and are quite hard to eliminate. For this kind we recommend seeing a dermatologist to recommend a suitable procedure to eliminate the stretchmarks

Before purchase, it is important to analyze and measure at what stage the stretchmarks on your skin are at. This will give realistic expectations for the results

Unbox your bundle:

This is the star of the bundle. It is formulated with rich emollients and anti-oxidants to visibly reduce and diminish the appearance of stretchmarks

Retinyl palmitate, a vitamin A derivative works to improve the skin’s color, give the skin more resilience thus elasticity and give a smoother look

Tocopheryl acetate, a vitamin E derivative works as an anti-oxidant helping the skin repair itself and correct visible damage

La dermique Youth Potion

Retinol is not a stranger to skin care. Anyone interested in anti-aging definitely knows the benefits of retinol. 

Also a vitamin A derivative, retinol works by restoring collagen thus giving the skin back its elasticity. 

Sufficient collagen on the skin means that the discoloration will minimize

  • The main purpose of collagen is to help you stretch.

Technically, its purpose is to help your tissues withstand stretching. 

Collagen comes from the Greek word meaning glue, unsurprisingly, since collagen is what helps hold you together (connective tissue like the skin)—and is what helps prevent wrinkles, saggy skin, joint pain.

All you need to know about this bundle:


This bundle is mainly effective at the initial stages of stretchmark formation. These include:

  • During pregnancy
  • Immediately post-paturm
  • At the begining of weighloss/ weight gain program
  • During puberty growth spurts

Yes, absolutely!It is safe and actually recommended for breastfeeding and pregnant women

We recommend a minimum of 3-6 month of continuous and religious use. 

Depending on the nature of the scar. Further examination and advice is needed to establish this. 

For quick results, we recommend masaging the oil and retinol on the affected areas twice a day, morning and evening after a bath. 

The elagen however can be taken once a day, a 5mg sachet a day, 30 minutes before or after a meal.

NO!! Our products contain no harmful ingredients and do not have negative after effects.

The only effect you should have after completing this bundle is leaving a smooth and even skin tone on the skin

two ways to maximize on retinol:

Retinol plays a large role in restoring collagen.
Stretchmarks occur as a result of the tearing of collagen and elastin due to rapid stretching of the skin. Restoring collagen around the affected areas slowly heals the stria (scientific term for stretchmarks) thus minimizing discoloration.
Watch this quick tutorial on how to use retinol for the skin and for stretchmarks.

Bonus tip: How to enjoy elagen

Don’t just put it in water, enjoy it in this slushie!

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