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Struggling with dull, uneven skin?

Often feeling dry and weary looking?

Desiring that ever glowing young face?

Well look no further! We heard you loud and clear, introducing glow mini bundle, comprising of SKINNYDIP SERUM + SKIN RADIANCE MOISTURIZER + COLLAGEN NIGHT SERUM

Glow up on a budget and get all the benefits of skincare products that are gentle on your skin and love you back. We are finishing off the year with skintastic offers that fit your budget and deliver amazing positive results!

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In stock

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Hyperpigmentation is a broad term that refers to a condition in which the skin is discolored or darkened due to an array of factors, including sun damage, acne scarring, and inflammation lingering from an eczema flare-up. 

Normal to dry:

This bundle is perfect for normal to extremely dry skin. The pairing with the skin radiance moisturizer makes it a perfect emollient for dull, dry looking skin in need of some brightening up!

What are our customers saying?

Judy was battling with dark spots and hyperpigmentation and she reached out for products that may help clear, above is her face before using the bundle

6 weeks later, she is happy with the results. Her spots have cleared and her skin has become smooth and supple. She has acombination of normal to dry skin. Here is what she had to say:

This is 1 and a half months in, that is how my face is glowing! My spots are gone and my face is an even skin tone! By the way I used to apply xtraderm once,twice a week but ever since I started using the products I stopped and my face doesn't itch anymore. God bless you guys for changing my life.
Judy, Nairobi
La dermique customer
I dont even need to say much, the changes are visible. I have finally got back my even skin tone. My skin is no longer dull, my sunburns are totally gone, my skin is glowing! I am definitely going to keep on using this.
I ordered 2weeks ago and I am super loving my skin, no makeup at all The first image was before the products, I am happy the changes are visible
Margret Maina
Happy Customer
I cannot express my contentment enough, its been two months and my skin is on its best behavior. I was a bit impatient at first but their customer service is amazing, every 2 weeks I received instruction and inquiry about how my face was behaving and slowly I began seeing significant change. My face is glowing and I am always getting positive comments! Thankyou la dermique, my skin has found a permanent solution now
Lucy Wambugu
Happy Customer

WHY THIS BUNDLE IS FOR YOU: Frequently Asked Questions

No, absolutely not! We use product ingredients that are gentle on the skin and do not bleach. Rather evens out your skin tone to enhance your natural colors.

This bundle is perfect for dry skin, and to combat hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C is rich in this bundle and other antioxidants which change up the damages caused by the sun’s UV rays and work towards healing your skin thus reducing hyperpigmentation, dryness and fading spot appearance.

Our products do not discrimate across any age group. They work for every woman, helping them achieve their beauty goals with strong anti-aging properties. So yes girl, these will work well for you!

The main reason wrinkles form on your skin is the reduce in collagen and elastin production therefore, the skin starts to lose elasticity and starts sagging. This bundle contains collagen peptide night serum which is among the strongest anti aging products in the market, it is collagen in concentrated form. It works together with vitamin C  from our skin radiance serum and moisturizer to give your skin a new glowing appearance. So with this bundle, say bye to saggy skin and hello to firm glowing skin

At la dermique, we focus on killing two birds with one stone. Instead of giving you half of the solution, we combine it into a packaged bundle to help you get rid of all your concerns at a go. The best thing is getting the products all together is a total save of money, and value for it too!

Not at all! We value all our customers here, and your feedback is what keeps us going. We also pride ourselves in delivering what we offer. However, we have a 50% money guarantee on your spend if you finish the products bought and you are not satisfied with the results. 

Skin cell turnover takes about 28 to 31 days on average, ofcourse influenced by other factors like consistency and age. So we approximate 30 to 60 days to see tremendous results. 



tired of uneven, dry, and weary-looking skin? This serum is an answer to all these problems. this blend of vitamins and antioxidants work in perfect harmony to correct hyperpigmentation, dark spots, hydrate dry skin, reduce fine lines, and get rid of scars.

Get your glow on and you glow girl!

Ladermique Skinny Dip 7


Close your eyes and imagine a cool drink of water, only now it is for your skin. Experience instantly hydrated, dewy skin and a visibly healthy complexion in just two weeks of daily use of this powerful serum. Ladermique hyaluronic acid serum gives instant relief to even the driest patches of skin on your face that may require a hydrating spot treatment with this advanced hydrating action

Collagen Peptide Night Facial Serum – 30ml (Plumpalicious) ladermique


Imagine slowing downtime by looking younger for longer! this serum is your go-to solution for that soft, glowing and hydrated look on your skin. It slows down your aging by reducing fine lines, pore size, and wrinkles. 

wake up feeling beautiful, refreshed, almost straight from a facial! 


I love how the products are bringing out my natural skin color without bleaching. I have exposed my skin to the sun alot, but I am grateful the effects are reversing now. I am very happy with my progress
Happy customer


  • Get glowing even skin
  • Get rid of spots and hyperpigmentation 
  • Fade appearance of wrinkles
  • Hydrated and plump skin
  • Smooth and soft skin