Elagen Collagen Supplement

What exactly is collagen and why do you need it?

Get to know what is collagen, why you need it as a supplement and all the benefits you are missing.



  • Age defying natural supplement
  • Promotes wrinkle elimination thus younger looking skin
  • Support skin collagen formation and promotes tissue strength and elasticity
  • Contains minerals that hair and nails need to grow tall and strong
  • Enjoyable and convenient to swallow


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This item: Elagen Collagen Supplement

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real-life testimonials:

There is nothing that makes me feel confident like caring after myself, I feel like I can take on anything that comes my way. These product always makes me look young, feel beautiful and carry myself with confidence.
Barbara Mponye
Customer/ ambassador
Feeling like I am 30 at 50, my body is so energetic, my skin is so supple and soft. Elagen is the product I have used longest and I am loving the significant changes I see, day by day!
Miriam Muraya
Customer/ Ambassador

How do I take Collagen?

Try our unique lemon chia slushie as one way!

However, there are countless ways to enjoy elagen.

Try it also in :

  • Porridge
  • Smoothies
  • Granola yoghurt bowl
  • Icecream sunday 

Learn In depth about collagen benefits:


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This item: Elagen Collagen Supplement

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Collagen Elagen


Studies show that it can give your skin a boost, by reducing wrinkles and helping improve its elasticity. Especially as the skin age and deteriorate (collagen decreases about 1 percent a year as we age). As you lose elasticity in the skin, that’s what helps form wrinkles. Bolstering collagen (as well as elastin) helps the skin have a youthful, glowing appearance.

Collagen makes up about one-third of our body’s protein.

Where is it found?

In connective tissues (ligaments and tendons) and in the extracellular matrix—that network of macromolecules that help give your hair and skin its strength.


  • The main purpose of collagen is to help you stretch. Technically, its purpose is to help your tissues withstand stretching. Collagen comes from the Greek word meaning glue, unsurprisingly, since collagen is what helps hold you together (connective tissue like the skin)—and is what helps prevent wrinkles, saggy skin, joint pain.
  • The collagen is derived from the skin, tendons, and bones (often consumed as a broth) of a variety of fish and animals. In many of our local traditions we have always boiled bone soup for these reasons targeting to nourish ourselves with collagen, normally unknowingly.
  • Collagen helps strengthen the lining of the gut and thus helping to prevent toxins and waste to leak through the gut and into the bloodstream.
  • In addition, it’s also been shown to help with heart health, that’s because collagen also helps with the elasticity of your arteries (elasticity is important to help with blood flow).
  • And it also helps with bone strength (something extremely important as women age), as the collagen can help improve the mineral density in your bones.
  • You can boost your collagen with nutrients. Some of those include Vitamin C, which helps in the process of producing collagen; proline, which is found in egg whites, cabbage, and dairy; glycine, which is found in legumes, gelatin and chicken skin.
The biggest threats to collagen: Smoking and refined carbs and sugar.

Many favorite way to get collagen: Bone broth. This is a highly nutritious stock made by simmering animal bones, marrow, and connective tissue.

Traditional cultures consumed the whole animal—frequently eating broths from skin and bones, tougher cuts of meat with cartilage (prepared by slow cooking), and whole fish, which are good sources of collagen.

FAQs concerning collagen:

From the mid-twenties, there is a steady decline in the body’s ability to produce collagen and subsequently, decline in collagen levels. From age 25 and above is a perfect time to look for collagen supplements in order to delay early signs of aging. 

A window of 4 to 12 weeks is recomended for elagen to take full effect in the body. This is wide because resaults may vary from person to person.

Collectively, these two boxes constitutes 40 5mg sachets of collagen. If taking a sachet a day, this adds up to 40 days of product.However, those that desire faster drstic change are adviced to take a sachet in the morning and one in the evening, this results to 20 days of product.

Collagen is among the safest supplements whose long term effect does the body great good. There is no harmul effect associated with collagen





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