Acne & Dark Spot Remover(basic kit)

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Acne shouldn’t be the reason your face is always covered in layers of make up, we have nothing against make up, its great, but it should be applied out of desire and not necessity. Solve all of your sensitive skin problems with this amazing combo of products.

With this bundle:

  • Effectively fight acne
  • Repairs Acne and Damaged Skin
  • Visibly Reduces Sign of Acne And Scar
  • Constantly treats All Stages of Acne
  •  Helps to Heal Breakouts
  • Protects skin against dryness without making it greasy.

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Customer Reviews

Thousands of women have used the acne & spot remover bundle and have wowed in the changes that it has given their skin

We are humbled by all the positive feedback we receive from our clients and we look forward to always serving you!


Fall inlove with our acne and dark spots remover bundle products:

La dermique Youth Potion

Retinol Youth Potion

For clearing clogged pores, banishing pimples & closing up open pores. 

With added anti-aging properties for younger skin

Acne treatment lotion ladermique 1

Clearclin Acne Treatment Lotion

Grade A exfoliant in the skincare world for clearing & drying out pimples. Considered the most effective BHA.

Also gets rid of excess oil on the skin. 

La dermique You glow girl facial serum

Skin Radiance Serum

Radiates glowing skin and clears up dark spots left behind by acne pimples. 

Evens out the skin from hyperpigmentation

Here is a detailed video of the contents of our acne & Spots remover bundle, together with the benefits of the active skincare ingredients

In this video, learn how every ingredients sums up with the other to give you smooth & glowing skin, free of acne & spots

More & More Reviews:

How It Started:

How It Is Going:

𝗖𝘂𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗺𝗲𝗿 𝗥𝗲𝘃𝗶𝗲𝘄
I am extremely happy with my face and how I feel everyday with clear skin. Honestly there are no words to describe, after a long struggle with skin. It is a dream coming true for me.
Kudos La Dermique
Jedidah, Happy Client

Beauty is confidence and there is power in a woman who has accepted herself in her natural skin. We desire to empower all our clients to achieve the best version of themselves and this is real life testimonies!

All the way from Uganda, Fanni is loving the results on her skin, and her glow, check it out!


psst…. The glow never lies!

My face almost felt like it was rotting. Honestly it has been a journey for me. Even this far I thank God .I could not imagine my face could heal but now I am proof you can recover from anything.
Regina Henry

Well my face hasn’t cleared like kabisa kabisa(completely) but I have noted significant changes. My face is no longer dull, its brighter. Pimples have significantly reduced. I used to get some pimples zenye you can’t see but ukiguza uso unazifeel and they were really painful, now they are gone. My face is becoming even and softer. 

Dorcas, happy customer


“I am so happy I came across these products, my skin has taken a 360 turn and I am so happy!”

Ednah Biwott

Edna narrates her ordeal battling acne and dark spots in her mid age. She is happy with the outcome and she doesn’t want to leave anyone behind

If you’re a woman struggling with your skin, don’t settle in that predicament, begin your journey towards healing and redefining your confidence with la dermique acne bundle today

My face has really become smooth and I am so so happy! I have battled hormonal acne for some years now and it was very depressing. Trying products that left me worse than before. Mixing oral retinoids from my derma and these products have not only cleared the breakouts, but have left me with clear skin. No spots whatsoever. It is the highlight of my year
Happy Customer
My face has shown significant progress and not to mention the glow. Everyone who knew me before these progress is constantly asking what I am doing different. I was so scared to make the order at first but now I am more than happy I did. I don't struggle with pimples or dark spots anymore. Acne was that one thing I thought I would live with forever but it seems that I just had not found the right products. Here I am just glowing and I can confidently refer... Thanks la dermique
Happy customer

This was pauline before she began using la dermique acne bundle.

This is Pauline 2 weeks after using the products, check out her honest review below.

“My face has always been rough looking in appearance with pimples left right and center. I have also recently been having some lines on my face, probably due to aging but I am just in my mid-thirties! 

Finding la dermique products has been a prayer answered for me, this is my progress only after two weeks of using the products! need I say more?”

Pauline, Mombasa

Add moisturizer to your bundle

Maintaining acne prone skin requires regular use of a moisturizer preferably one that does not clog pores! Our skinnydip fits that description and helps maintain your skin, giving it sufficient moisture without the oily feel. 

Great news is when you add it to this bundle you get it at over 75% off the normal price


My hustle is dependent on how I look and feel:

My name is Nancy, a lover of fashion and subsequently a fashion and design graduate. I began vlogging in campus and discovered I had a gret passion for it so it is what I am doing to date.

Having acne and having to record video after video, with attempts to hide the breakouts with make up and filters was very exhausting for me, and I decided to look for a permanent solution.

La dermique was it for me, as my pictures show, I am very satisfied with the results I am getting! Peep the glow sis!

Samira has found great success in the acne bundle and now she says she is happy with the progress. You could be the one as well. Get this bundle and pair it up with a sunscreen for amazing results.


Here is a truth they do not tell you, you cant “cure” acne, but you can help control the breakouts. The passage of time is often the cure, as you move from different milestones of your life, the hormones rage, from high to low. Here, we want to help you have more confidence throughout your life stages with clear skin. 

More tips for your beautiful sensitive skin

  • Check your product ingredients to include vitamin A such as retinoids and antibacterial properties such as salicylic and azeliac acid
  • Use the right products suitable for your skin type
  • Less is more, dont experiment too much on a sensitive face, once you get a product working, stick to it
  • Moisturizers low on the comedogenic scale are best. 
  • Check your lifestyle:  balance your diet, hydrate and minimize stress levels
I am loving my progress in such a short time. I appreciate the constant check up from the customer relations team, I feel like I am not walking alone in the journey to clearing acne. From Uganda, I say these are the best products I have ever used Neyanzizza
Satisfied client, From Uganda
My face was full of dark spots and emerging pimples now and then like in the image on the left. Now the breakouts have all cleared as you can see on the right, and all that is left is a few spots. Mind you this is 7 days in your products only! I took a risk after trying other brands that failed me, and I couldn,t be happier! Thanks for glowing skin. And things are just getting better !
Mitchelle Zarina
Happy customer

My confidence is back and I feel so beautiful in my natural skin:

After 2 months, I can confidently say la dermique has changed my life. I say this having tried almost everything and all backfiring on me! nOW MY FACE IS BEAUTIFUL and GLOWING!
Lynette Fanny
Happy Customer

Fanny shared her progress one month into the use of the products and this was her honest review!

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