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Return Policy

  1. Returns are allowed only in the case that the product did not arrive in the right condition i.e. product half spilled, broken pump e.t.c 
  2. This should be reported immediately after receiving the package. Exchanges will not be made if reported 24hrs after delivery.
  3. Client must incur the cost of Ksh 400 for delivery in the case of a return
  4. Client must issue proof of payment upon an exchange request
  5. There will be no returns for products already opened and used. 

We have a no return policy.

However, returns my be accepted on the unlikely event that the product did not arrive in the marketed condition. In this case we can make an exchange of the same within 24-48hrs of reporting. This report must be given immediately after receiving our products. 

Exchanges cannot be made 24hrs after receiving the products.

No, we do not accept such returns

If you can prove you have used the product for 4 months with no improvement whatsoever, we do gove 50% return on money spent at hte initial purchase. 


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