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Sun damage is cumulative over the years & leads to photo-aging

Skin damage from over exposure to the sun is the same as getting older: It adds up over the years and cannot be reversed. Once damage occurs, it cannot be undone. The most serious and lasting damage occurs before age 18. Fortunately unlike aging, skin damage can be prevented. Sun protection should start early, particularly with children.

A sun burn is a temporary sign of deeper underlying skin damage. They are caused by ultraviolet rays from the sun. Eventually, the sunburns may disappear or fade away by using cosmetics and medication, but the underlying damage persists and may eventually cause premature aging or even worse, skin cancer. 

Ironically, most Africans do not pay attention to sun protection, owing to the fact that their rich melanin skin is protection enough. The fact is unprotected sun exposure is not only detrimental to the skin, but can also cause vision problems, allergic reactions and depress immune systems. 


It is never too late to begin so regardless at 55 or 14, or even with the toddlers, cultivate the culture of sun protection. 

In hot weather, it is advised to reapply the sunscreen after every two hours. 

Applying sunscreen will have your skin thanking you with a  beautiful glow and healthy skin.

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