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Are you a business owner and desire to grow into the world of skincare?

This is your chance to take charge and shine!

La Dermique is looking for distributors all over the country to stock our quality anti-aging cosmeceuticals and supplements.

Ride on the craze that is anti-aging and supplements by becoming our distributor today.


La Dermique is a cosmeceutical company centered on anti-aging concerns

Marred by guesswork, founded under a pharmaceutical company and fueled into existence by the growing need in skincare and aesthetics, La Dermique deals with dermatologically approved and proven formulars, that are gentle on the skin.

Our focus is centered on the woman’s needs as she grow’s older.

Our range of products include from hair to face to body skin, resolving the concerns that come with aging and possibly reversing the signs thereof. 

We have both oral supplements and skincare products in stock.

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What we Offer Our Distributors

Supply Of Affordable Cosmeceuticals & Supplements

We will efficiently provide products at an affordable wholesale cost, with no hidden charges. 

This allows our distributors to create their own profit margin when they are selling to their potential clients.

Free Online resources On Training

Having to deal with cosmeceuticals means that one has to have the basic knowledge of skincare concerns and how our ingredients solve the specific concerns.

In our trainings we take you through the basics of aesthetics, provided by trained personnel. This also includes live support if you have any issues recommending a bundle to potential clients

An increase in sales and profits for your business.

Apart from distributorship opportunities, we have also focused our online market directly to the customer, this means it will not be a difficult task to identify with the brand as we have a significant online presence. 

We have taken by storm online social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.  

This will i n turn boost sales for our distributors since we are well known in the market.

A Growing Partnership Relationship

We desire to grow in our patnerships to mutually help grow each others business, so we will invest majorly in any business that shows major potential.

Our distributors qualify to open an account with us after 3 months of working with us and faithfully acquiring our products. This account will enable a distributor to take goods on credit and have a payment window of upto 60 days.

Our Best Sellers

What We Require

Upfront Payment of Goods for First Three Purchases

The distibutor needs to buy the goods with he money upfront for the first three purchases, this is to ensure we establish a stable and trustful relationship

A Running Business With A Physical Address 

We need our distributors to have a physical location for their business to stock our products. 


A Minimum Order Quantity Of 10 Bundles

As indicated in the section above, we pair our products in product bundles for complete efficacy. Part of what we civer in the training is how to effectively reccommend paired bundles to potential clients. 

Each bundle contains three products usually, a day serum, a night serum and a moisturizer.

Customer Feedback on Our Products:

My face is glowing and I no longer have dark pigments on my face. I recommend this to all my friends because it works
Happy Customer

We pride ourselves in real life testimonials willingly shared by our clients. 

Our products are effective and affordable for every woman, that is a pillar we have build our business model around

All our customer report and feedback is permitted by our clients for marketing

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