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Diet & Acne

Does what I eat impact my acne-prone skin?

"Everyone tells me to avoid this, and that because my skin breaks out a lot!
I usually ask myself is it just a common myth or does it have factual evidence backing it up? I really love chocolate to be specific, I can't imagine giving it up even if I really want beautiful skin. "

Most who have an active struggle to acne can attest to the above. Today we address that very question, does diet really have any influence on acne vulgaris?

First things first, our bodies grow to the direction of the nutrients we feed them. It is impossible to ignore diet when managing any problem i.e. weight, disease or disorder. The common saying goes, ” You are what you eat.” This article should give you insight on factual evidence supporting the impact of acne on diet.

An increasing number of studies are linking food allergies or sensitivities to acne. Foods with higher glucose index, processed foods, foods with heavy iodide content and dairy are thought to be contributors to acne.

What To Avoid

  1. Milk
  2. Excessive protein consumption
  3. processed foods
  4. Chocolates & sweets
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